Since 2000, we have been developing a system to equipped with air-cooled condenser to improve its efficiency. Such system, to date, the EER can be improved from 13.5 to 19.5. This achievement is a result of very long continuous improvement over 18 years.

Here are the lists of progress as leading engineering energy efficiency and solutions for HVAC and building related technologies.

  • 2001  First trial of Water FOG system for energy efficiency improvement for A/C
  • 2003  Installation of VSD for Chilled water pump in 42 department stores
  • 2004  Installation of VSD for Condenser water pump in 48 department stores
  • 2005  Installation of  VSD for Cooling towers with techniques to improve chiller’s performance and reducing water consumption and drift loss
  • 2005  Implementing Chiller Plant Energy Management system for 33 department stores
  • 2006  Improving building design Tesco Lotus Rama I to “Green Building” which received “Thailand Energy Awards 2006” from DEDE
  • 2007  Improving building design to 2nd Tesco Lotus Salaya to “Green Building” including Solar cooling, Bio-diesel, Bio-gas and Wind turbine
  • 2008  As Technical Project Leader for Feasibility Study for Optimum Ethanol manufacturing
  • 2009  Developing special corrosion resistance coating for fin and tube condenser for using with Water FOG system
  • 2010  Developing Water filtration for the Water FOG system
  • 2011  R&D Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioner
  • 2012  Redesign a modular FOG module controller using PLC
  • 2013  Design and implement 1 wire sensors network and recycling timer for Water FOG system
  • 2014  Develop a FOG controller using intelligent algorithm capable of self-adaptive to load and climate
  • 2014  Develop a remote monitoring system for the Water FOG system
  • 2015  Develop methodology to attenuate sound pressure from air-cooled chiller
  • 2015  Develop an environmental friendly “Odor Breaker” for garbage room
  • 2016  Develop “Water FOG mini” using low pressure fogging
  • 2016  Develop intelligent FOG controller using Bluetooth  for monitoring
  • 2017  Develop Intelligent Chiller Plant using IoT








Engineering Director, experienced in HVAC and energy efficiency improvement since 1986


Senior Software Engineer,Experience in Automation, PLC, Database programming.



Senior Software Engineer, Experienced in Mysql