Intelligent controls for air conditioning system


Air-cooled Split-type air conditioners

This type of air conditioner has been ubiquitous adopted for household, commercial to industrial applications. It has numerous advantages for their typical energy efficiency to price ratio. There have been continuous improvements over the past decades, so called “#5” to “Inverter”. However, customer’s unlimited expectation to reduce energy consumption, has not been satisfied.

Now, thanks to affordable IoT devices with our latest innovation on HVAC, we are pleased to introduce our “EQcon”, an IoT device equipped to any fan coils to reduce energy usages, stable comfort, and data. For information please click the picture on the left.



Reducing consumption of HVAC

The average chiller plant efficiency in Thailand is ranging from 0.75-0.90 Kw/ton. The use of Chiller Plant Management system is common. Most of chief maintenance/operation manager stop their plant efficiency target here. (read more…)

Committed to Excellence

Since our breaking into the industry in 2004, Eccentric Energy has been recognized as a unique engineering solution provider especially in improving energy efficiency for HVAC system. We have provided clients with a wide range of services for almost all of their needs. Whatever you might have day-to-day problems, we might have the practical solutions ready or our expert may be able to find solutions.

Chiller Load Daily Profile

Chiller Load Daily Profile

Reduce energy/Smart operation

As of 2017 onwards, we aim to launch our new solutions for industrial/commercial HVAC. Such solutions help the owners in 2 key areas:

  • Reduce energy consumption in HVAC (by improving efficiency and reduce extra usages)
  • Smart control/monitoring/management (by implementing IoT and Intelligent system)
Chiller Plant

What do you prefer, a chiller plant without brain or, with brain?

Chiller Plant

Hydraulic Re-balancing

Intelligent Chiller Plant

Intelligent Thermostat (Commander)


Intelligent Thermostat
One of the key benefits of the intelligent thermostat is the temperature profile function.
For example: An office with 24,000 btu/h air conditioner open 8:00-17:00 with temperature set point at 24C. If this intelligent thermostat is installed with the preset temperature 25.5C and allow to 29C during lunch time. The calculation shows that the energy savings can be as much as 4.9 Kwh/d or 24%.

Intelligent IoT Thermostat